20 Year Strategic Vision

The PMSA 20-Year Strategic Vision ‘One journey, together’ 2024 – 2044’ is our long-term vision for the future. It has been informed by local and world leading experts and in collaboration across our school networks to build upon our great legacy and ensure we are providing our young people with the best opportunities to succeed in an ever-changing world. 

It reflects our commitment to work together to ensure that we are at the forefront of education, developing innovative, future focussed curricular and co-curricular programs in an environment that allows our students to bring their passion and God-given talents to life.

Our Strategic Vision sets out our new vision, mission and values with a framework of strategic priorities for our future.


Inspiring globally minded caring communities through exceptional educational experiences empowered by Christian faith.


Nurture outstanding people in world-class educational environments enriched by the Christian ethos, enabling them to develop their God-given potential and lead for positive impact.







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