The PMSA Mission

Our Mission

Nurture outstanding people in world-class educational environments enriched by the Christian Ethos, enabling them to develop their God-given potential and lead for positive impact.

Driven by Our Vision

Inspiring globally minded caring communities through exceptional educational experiences empowered by Christian Faith.

Guided by Our Values


We listen and treat all people equally and fairly.


We are honest and do the right thing.


We are compassionate and look after each other.


We work together as a team in unity.


We strive to do our best in everything we do.

The Crest

The PMSA crest is made up of a number of different elements. At the centre of the shield is a lamp on a stand. Light has always been associated with knowledge, and for centuries a lighted oil lamp has been used as a symbol for academic learning. For Christians, the lamp takes on additional significance as a metaphor for the gospel, most notably, Psalm 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”. The surrounding shield represents protection and strength. Above the shield is an open book which represents the manifestation of learning and also represents the Bible. The Southern Cross sits across the book indicating the PMSA’s focus on education in the southern hemisphere. The PMSA’s motto below the shield “Pro Civitate Bene Fundata” is Latin for “Firmly founded for the good of the State” or “For the Good of the Community”.


PMSA schools have a proud tradition of educating students in a Christian learning environment. Our schools welcome students from all faiths and backgrounds and all students participate in Christian education classes, attend Chapel services and assemblies. As a co-curricular activity, our schools offer Interschool Christian Fellowship (ISCF) and other voluntary Christian groups giving students the opportunity to participate in regular meetings, services, camps and workshops to develop students’ Christian faith.

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