Duku Forè


Duku Forè is an internationally renowned inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and author – The Poor Kid with Rich Dreams. Born in a refugee camp in Uganda, Duku immigrated to Australia when he was 10 years old and is now regularly invited to schools, events, and conferences to inspire attendees to see life from a different perspective.

Duku is one of the youngest graduates from the AICD Company Director’s course and is the PMSA’s youngest appointment to a governance role.

A United Nations Youth delegate, Duku believes the PMSA plays a significant role in influencing children’s lives and their dreams. He sees his appointment to the PMSA Policy Committee as an opportunity to inspire and support the dreams of students and contribute to the value of independent education.

Duku has an aspiring nature and insatiable appetite and passion for education, attributing his success to his own education. With an unyielding work ethic and personal drive, Duku’s accumulated knowledge and experience are seldom found even in the most travelled of people.

Key current and previous appointments, roles, and qualifications include:

  • Member – PMSA Policy Committee (first appointed 2020, current term until 2023)
  • Member – Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Lord Mayor’s Business Scholarship and Mentoring Program
  • United Nations Youth Delegate
  • QUT Law Founders’ scholarship
  • 2-Time TEDx Speaker
  • Equity Scholarship recipient
  • Student Leadership Award
  • LinkedIn Campus Editor
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