PMSA Constitution and By-laws

The PMSA was established as a Body Corporate in 1918 by Letters Patent under ‘The Religious Educational and Charitable Institutions Act of 1861 of the State of Queensland’.

The PMSA’s Constitution sets out the name, objects and governance of the PMSA, and the Council of the Association. The PMSA must act according to the Constitution and By-laws for organisational actions to be valid. The PMSA Constitution was last amended in 1984 and can only be amended by the agreement of both the Presbyterian and Uniting Churches. The PMSA’s By-laws are regularly reviewed by the PMSA Board.

PMSA Constitution

PMSA By-laws

The PMSA has completed several governance reviews to continually enhance our governance structure. The most recent governance review was completed in 2018 and we are implementing a number of reforms as a result. For more information on governance reforms, please visit our governance reforms page.