Governance Reform

The PMSA is committed to ongoing governance reform and is currently implementing a series of changes to our governance arrangements as a result of our most recent governance review.

Below are links to the governance reforms document and an introductory video from PMSA Chairman Greg Adsett and PMSA CEO Sharon Callister released in September 2018 as well as updates on our progress.

Governance Reform Update - April 2019  

Governance Reform Update - December 2018

Governance Reforms Video

Governance Reforms Document

2018 Governance Review

As part of the PMSA’s commitment to ensure appropriate governance arrangements are in place, we engaged the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) in February 2018 to conduct an extensive governance review.

The PMSA received the AICD report on 31 July 2018 with recommendations based on best practice and feedback from the community. The AICD’s recommendations are broad ranging and provide the PMSA with an excellent basis for contemporary governance.

Over the coming months, the PMSA will be making a series of changes that will:

  • promote greater transparency of the PMSA governance arrangements;
  • ensure the PMSA Board focusses on strategic governance at ‘a group level’, rather than operational aspects of individual schools;
  • enable School Councils to play a more active and decisive role in the governance of each school; and
  • enhance the capability and performance of the PMSA Board and School Councils.

This review has come at a pivotal time in the PMSA’s history. We are looking forward to implementing these governance reforms that will clarify and reset roles, responsibilities and reporting arrangements for the PMSA Board, the School Councils and Committees.

These governance changes, combined with the new PMSA Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 and our ongoing commitment to change and continuous review, are part of a new collaborative culture that focusses on working together, building strong relationships and leveraging collective strengths.

Below are relevant documents relating to the AICD’s governance review.

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