Christian mission award recipients

The Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Christian Mission and Service Assistance Program, Ella Job, Maggie Princehorn, and Sam Princehorn.

The Christian Mission and Service Assistance Program is a new initiative that aims to aid students in their journey to serve God and grow their Christian faith. The program supports students’ involvement in a Christian Mission and Service opportunity offered by a church or parachurch group in 2024, whether it be in Australia or overseas.

The successful applicants received universal commendation from their Principals and Chaplains for their desire to help others and make a significant impact in vulnerable communities across the world.

Ella Job from Somerville House said she was grateful to the program for providing her with the opportunity to support communities in need.

“I am thankful for the chance to grow and share my faith through the Teen Missions International Mission trip to Madagascar,” Ella said.

“This 6-week trip aided by this program will allow me to participate in projects that assist the Living Centre, run by Thrive Madagascar, a Christian organisation that provides services to the poorest people in Madagascar such as providing daily breakfast to the children in the area,” she said.

“I am looking forward to contributing to this mission and hopefully making a difference to the Madagascar community,” she said.

From Sunshine Coast Grammar School, siblings Sam and Maggie Princehorn plan to aid two separate communities in Timor Leste, with improving education access being a goal for both recipients.

Sam expressed his enthusiasm for continuing to demonstrate the Christian values in action.

“This year, with the assistance of this program, I will support and develop teaching and learning programs for teenagers in the local church of Maliania to help boost future employment prospects,” Sam said.

“The project will engage teenagers with English film nights, audio books, and new technologies that will connect more students with English and enhance their language studies,” he explained.

“Supporting others and being a friend to those in need through community service is my passion, I look forward to continuing this through the Program.”

Maggie shared how she will help care for, as well as empower girls in the local church-based girls’ homes of the rural community of Toonabibi, in Timor Leste this year.

“I will help deliver and implement the Days for Girls project, which provides feminine hygiene products and education to girls internationally. The funding will support me in delivering packs and education to hundreds of girls in Timor,” Maggie said.

“I have enjoyed serving my community throughout my schooling so far and am excited to continue my mission on an international scale this year,” she said.

The three recipients will receive $1250 each prior to their departure for their respective Mission and Service trips.

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