Letter to the PMSA Schools’ community

To the PMSA Schools’ community

We write in relation to stories in today’s Courier-Mail that incorrectly link our Schools to views about inclusivity.

The stories claim that our Schools would actively discriminate against students according to their sexuality or their sexual activity. The stories are fundamentally wrong.

The Courier-Mail’s stories are based on a submission by the Presbyterian Church of Australia to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s review of religious educational institutions and anti-discrimination laws.

The Courier-Mail claims that the Presbyterian Church of Australia “operates” our four Schools. This is incorrect. Contrary to The Courier-Mail’s reporting, these are the facts of the matter:

  • The Presbyterian Church of Australia does not operate the PMSA nor any of our four Schools. For completeness, neither does the Presbyterian Church of Queensland (PCQ).
  • The PCQ is a separate body corporate and not an associated entity of the PMSA. The PCQ does not control or determine decisions or operating policies of the PMSA. The PMSA is incorporated under letters patent issued pursuant to the Religious Educational & Charitable Institutions Act 1861 (Qld) (now repealed).

It is important that we are transparent and state the facts on these stories. They do a disservice to our Schools and to the wonderful work that happens each day. The stories ignore the PMSA’s policy on inclusivity which states that PMSA “values diversity and inclusion and is committed to creating an inclusive system at a policy level and as part of everyday practice within its school communities”. In doing so, our Schools actively foster an educational environment that is safe, welcoming and free from stigma, harassment, and discrimination for all students.

Our Schools wish to offer the best environments for our students to thrive in their wellbeing and learning. The PMSA is proud of the work of each of our Schools to make their campuses safe and inclusive. We know that our Schools are proud of their students.

Should you require further information, please contact the PMSA via info@pmsa-schools.edu.au. 


Peter Barker                                                     Shane Coppin
PMSA Board Chair                                               PMSA Chief Executive Officer

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