104th Annual General Meeting

The 104th Presbyterian Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) Annual General Meeting was held on 14 June 2022 at Somerville House to celebrate the PMSA’s achievements from the past year.

PMSA Board Chair Peter Barker and Chief Executive Officer, Shane Coppin highlighted our accomplishments from across the group and shared their vision for the future.

Both leaders congratulated the schools on their successes for 2021 under the stewardship of the PMSA’s 2021 Principals – Kim Kiepe, Maria Woods, Andrew Cousins and Acting Headmaster, Damon Emtage. It was also an opportunity to welcome both Anna Owen, the new Principal of Sunshine Coast Grammar School and the new Headmaster for Brisbane Boys’ College Andre Casson, who began their tenure at the start of  2022.

“We are now entering an exciting period for the PMSA, one of which I am looking forward to, as we firmly look towards the future,” Chief Executive Officer, Shane Coppin said.

“We are committed to working collaboratively across the group about how we can contribute and enhance the lives of our students while we remain focused as one to further our Christian mission.

“Our focus must and always will be on making the most appropriate decisions and choices in the best interests of our students and our schools,” he said.

A special thank you to our Board Committees and School Advisory Council members, old collegians, foundations, school support groups, volunteers, partners, parents, and students for their tireless commitment.

In addition, the PMSA would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge the Uniting Church of Australia, Queensland Synod and the Presbyterian Church of Queensland for their continued support.

The 2021 Annual Report was also tabled at the Annual General Meeting and is now available to view here.

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