Annual Lecture tickets now available

The PMSA is proud to launch the Annual Australian Leadership Lecture for the next generation of leaders – more than 1000 Year 12 students from across Australia including our PMSA schools, Brisbane Boys’ College (BBC), Clayfield College, Somerville House, and Sunshine Coast Grammar School.

This year’s inaugural lecture will be presented by Noel Pearson – an inspirational Aboriginal leader, land rights activist, Chairman of Good to Great Schools Australia, Advisor for the Cape York Partnership, and history and law graduate. Noel will be discussing Australia’s national identity.

Noel will speak as if it’s 2041.  He will describe what the 2021 Year 12 students have achieved in the first 20 years since they have finished their secondary school journey.  He will describe an Australia that has finally emerged into an Asia Pacific region with a clear identity – an identity based on an honest description blending ancient indigenous Australia, Anglo-Saxon Australia and multi-cultural Australia.

PMSA Chair Morgan Parker said the Annual Australian Leadership Lecture was a new initiative as part of the PMSA’s Strategic Plan to foster academic excellence and drive innovation through thought and debate. Each year the Lecture will feature thought-leaders, policymakers, accomplished academics, or business innovators as guest speakers.

“Our society and indeed our four PMSA school communities are shaped and influenced by discussions and debates which inform, educate and challenge. We are delighted to be launching the Annual Australian Leadership Lecture series with such a compelling speaker, Noel Pearson, who will be discussing a thought-provoking and timely subject.”

Post-event, the Lecture will also be available to watch online at:

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