PMSA welcomes back Ness Goodwin

The PMSA is excited to welcome back the 10th Somerville House Principal Dr Ness Goodwin.

With an acute understanding of the importance of safeguarding children and staff in a school setting, Dr Ness Goodwin will lead the PMSA’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Committee as Chair.

PMSA Chair Morgan Parker said the Board’s appointment of Dr Ness Goodwin further demonstrates that the PMSA is not only leading the way in child safeguarding but continues to appoint experienced and inspirational leaders who have a modern governance mindset.

“Dr Goodwin’s appointment demonstrates the breadth and strength of PMSA’s governance leaders – Ness is a highly experienced educator with a strong connection to the PMSA values,” Mr Parker said.

Ness not only has extensive education and leadership expertise as a former Principal, she also has experience in a governance setting and exceptional communication skills. After completing her Somerville House Principalship in 2010, Ness became the Executive Director of the Anglican Schools Commission and subsequently Prison Chaplain.

Ness has a passion for her faith and the Christian Values of PMSA. She was also interim Principal at Somerville House in 2018.  

“I am honoured to serve in this strategic role to further the important work of the PMSA. The safety and welfare of students and staff are paramount and I look forward to making a contribution in this area,” Dr Goodwin said.

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