Classy chords, champagne and company at PMSA governance Christmas drinks

Somerville House and Clayfield College students entertained a large crowd of PMSA governance officers from across the Group on Monday night held at Somerville House.
Excited to be at a social gathering, the many guests shared Christmas cheer, enjoyed the company of old colleagues, met new ones and heard from CEO Sharon Callister and Chair Morgan Parker about the exciting journey and new direction of the PMSA.
More than 40 governance officers across the PMSA Group – PMSA Board, PMSA Committees and School Council members – as well as the many executives from important school volunteer bodies such as P&F Associations, Foundations and Old Collegians and Old Girls Associations were thanked for their tireless efforts, commitment and passion to our combined goal – to advance our PMSA schools.
Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the PMSA’s transformation journey through 2020. Despite the hardship we’ve all experienced in this COVID year, we’ve prospered and we very much look forward to the exciting developments ahead in 2021.
If you’d like to read the speeches of Morgan Parker and Sharon Callister, please visit the PMSA website. Please also enjoy the many photos of evening.
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