New symbols for the New Year to share PMSA values

Happy New Year and Decade to the PMSA community. The PMSA Group Office and all of our schools are back at work today. We wish peace, health, happiness and success to everyone for the year ahead.

As a part of the PMSA’s improved website, we have developed icons to represent the PMSA’s six values. These are the building blocks of the philosophy and vision of the PMSA Group and each of our outstanding schools.

The PMSA’s and our schools’ endevours are each day underpinned by these six strong Christian values – CARE, CELEBRATION, ETHICS, EXCELLENCE, RELATIONSHIPS, and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Here’s a little info about what each value and icon means.

CARE – We care for our people. We seek and provide a safe environment for growth and development, where we can respect ourselves and the needs of others. The heart symbolises the care we provide for others.

CELEBRATION – We collectively recognise and celebrate our own and others’ achievements and milestones. The symbol for celebration is represented by fireworks to recognise our individual and collective milestones.

ETHICS – We encourage the building of strong ethical standards based on truth and integrity. The symbol for ethics is represented by Awen, the Celtic symbol of truth.

EXCELLENCE – We aspire to achieve excellence and encourage each person to reach their potential. Excellence is represented by an award that encourages our people to reach awaiting potential.

RELATIONSHIPS – We strive to form binding, constructive relationships based on faith, love, compassion and forgiveness. The embracing hands icon represents the developing relationships with people based on faith, love, compassion and forgiveness.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – We foster resilience, where we learn from our mistakes and successes, and seek continuous improvement and self management. The symbol for personal development is represented by the Celtic triskelion symbol for personal growth.

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