Congratulations to Year 12 graduates

Year 12 students across the State woke on Saturday to find out their OP results and a big congratulations to our wonderful students, teachers and schools who all performed outstandingly. A few students from each of our schools have been photographed and featured in the The Sunday Mail.

Thank you to our newspaper stars who were also interviewed by Channel 7 on Saturday.

Here’s a brief snapshot of each of our schools’ Year 12 OP eligible student results. To find out more, check out each school’s website.

Percentage of students who received an OP 1-5:

  • Brisbane Boys’ College – 40.3%
  • Clayfield College – 30%
  • Somerville House – 41%
  • Sunshine Coast Grammar School – 43.9%

Congratulations once again. These are outstanding results and well above the state average of 23 per cent.

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