Board thanks retiring members and welcomes new Chair

The PMSA Board would like to thank retiring Board members Dr Anne Bennett and Professor Emeritus Jennifer Radbourne for their contribution to both the PMSA Board and our School Councils. Both Board members will be formally thanked at the Board’s Christmas gathering next week.

To replace Anne’s position as Chair of Clayfield College Council, we are also pleased to announce the appointment of existing Council member Ms Sandra McCullagh as the incoming Chair. Sandra is a Clayfield College Old Collegian and has extensive executive and Board experience. Sandra is our second appointment of a non-PMSA Board member as School Chair, following recent changes made to the School Council Charter, allowing the most qualified member of the Council to be appointed as Chair. The expertise of Sandra as well as the entire Clayfield College Council will ensure a smooth transition for incoming Principal Dr Andrew Cousins.

Retiring slightly earlier than anticipated due to health reasons, Anne has served on the PMSA Board for almost nine years. Anne has had a significant affiliation and great affection for PMSA schools for most of her life. A former Clayfield College School Captain and Dux of the School, Anne’s now grown children attended Somerville House and Brisbane Boys’ College. 

During her time on the PMSA Board, the Clayfield College Council and the Clayfield College Foundation, Anne was also the PMSA Deputy Chair and sat on the PMSA Nominations and HR Committee. She played as key positive role in developing the new PMSA Strategic Plan and bringing about governance reforms. In particular, the Clayfield College Council has valued Anne’s dedication to the school, and her energy, grace and wisdom in stewarding Clayfield College over the past eight years. 

Retired academic Professor Emeritus Jennifer Radbourne retired from the PMSA Board in August after serving 18 months on the Board and many more years on the Sunshine Coast Grammar School Council, which she served as Chair for 18 months. With a strong background in education, Jennifer made an extremely positive contribution to both the Board as well as to the Sunshine Coast Grammar School Council. Jennifer also served for many years as the Chair of the SCGS Foundation. The PMSA Board announced the appointment of John Glaister as the new Chair of the Sunshine Coast Grammar School Council in late October 2019.

Thank you to both Anne and Jennifer for your time, effort and contribution to both the PMSA and our four great schools. And welcome to Sandra as incoming Chair.

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