New Grammar School Council Chair appointed

The PMSA Board has appointed John Glaister Chair of Sunshine Coast Grammar School Council, the first non-PMSA Board member to be elected as Chair of a School Council.

Dr Glaister has been a member of the Sunshine Coast Grammar School Council since 2016 and brings his long-standing career in governance, consulting, planning, infrastructure management and stakeholder engagement to this role.

Dr Glaister resides on the Sunshine Coast and currently runs his consulting firm Glaister Consulting providing project work in change management, leadership and team building. Prior to his consulting work, Dr Glaister has undertaken CEO roles of many large organisations and has experience in government relations, high-level policy skills, and commercialisation of IP in a University environment.

“Education has contributed greatly to me as a person and throughout my career. Being involved with Sunshine Coast Grammar is a way for me to give something back. It is a brilliant school with extraordinary staff and gifted students,” Dr Glaister said.

Dr Glaister holds two PhDs from the University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales, an MBA, a Master of Science and an undergraduate science degree. He is also a Graduate of the AICD Diploma from the University of Queensland.

This new Chair appointment is the first made by the PMSA Board following recent changes made to the School Council Charter allowing the most appropriately qualified member of the Council to be appointed as Chair. Previously, the Chair was a required to be a PMSA Board member.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School is one of four schools owned by the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA).

PMSA Chairman Greg Adsett said the new School Council Charters that have been developed following the recent governance reforms more clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the School Council and are reflective of the improvements we are making to our overall governance structure.

“All members of the School Council are able to apply for the position of Chair and the most appropriately qualified member will be appointed – they can be either a School Council member or a PMSA Board member. This change enables the School Council Chair to more effectively play their role in the governance and oversight the school,” said Mr Adsett.

The PMSA is governed by a Board and each school in governed by a School Council which is a committee of the PMSA Board. Each School Council comprises up to two PMSA Board members, up to six independent School Council members appointed from the community and the school’s Principal as a non-voting member.

The PMSA Board delegates the responsibility for administration and performance of each school to the School Councils. Each school principal reports to their School Councils and has operational responsibility for their school.

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