Final governance reforms update

It’s been a year since the PMSA shared an ambitious reform plan following the AICD governance review in 2018.  As one of the most comprehensive reviews in Australian school governance history, I am very pleased to report this is the final governance reform update as the overwhelming majority of the 50 plus reforms are now complete. The reforms will have an enormous long-term benefit to the governance of our Group and we celebrate this achievement within such a short time frame.

These governance changes and the collaborative work undertaken across the Group will position the PMSA in the coming years as an industry leader in Australian school governance. Together with our Strategic Plan initiatives, these reforms and our new Group structure will ensure the PMSA Group and our schools thrive in the changing world ahead and continue to provide world-class teaching and learning environments permeated by Christian faith and actions for another 100 years.

Despite this specific reform project coming to a close, we know governance reform is an ongoing process. The PMSA is committed to ongoing governance improvements as highlighted in our Strategic Plan 2019-2023. We will continue to communicate any further changes to our community in our term PMSA Communique and through our website and social channels.

To see more detail on the specific reforms, please see the full Governance Reform Update.

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