Young Old Collegian now BBC teacher

Having a good reputation and knowing staff at your old school scored Brisbane Boys’ College (BBC) Old Collegian and past PMSA Teacher Education Scholarship winner Lachlan Johnstone his first teaching job this year.

After graduating from BBC in 2011, Lachlan commenced an engineering degree only to change course to teaching in 2015 and applied for the $2000 a year PMSA Teacher Education Scholarship.

Now loving his teaching role in the Design Technology department at BBC, Lachlan said the PMSA Teacher Education Scholarship gave him a foot in the door to not only get his first job but also helped him pay for expenses such as rent and living costs.

“I am thankful for my current position at BBC. I am surrounded by plenty of experienced teachers and have well-behaved students who are keen to learn,” said Lachlan.
“It is an enjoyable place to work and I look forward to my classes each day.”

Reflecting on his time at BBC as a student and now as a teacher, Lachlan said he loved his time at BBC and is really pleased to be back.

“I loved the passionate sporting culture and the positive vibe the school has. It evident that the boys enjoy being at this school.”

Lachlan said there were a few of his teachers who inspired him and really enjoyed what they did.

“I could see how much they applied themselves and enjoyed interacting with us as young men.”

Lachlan said his goal each day is for students to leave his class thinking they have either learnt something or enjoyed themselves.

“If I can achieve that, I believe I am doing alright as a teacher.”

“It’s a perfect environment for a teacher to develop their teaching skills. BBC has a strong history and tradition and the Christian values are evident. Students are keen to learn and above all it is an enjoyable place to work.”

The PMSA Teacher Education Scholarships are awarded annually to a current and past students of PMSA schools wishing to study teaching.

The scholarships aim to foster a respect for the importance of teaching as a profession, foster Christian faith and values in schools and encourage future teachers who hold Christian beliefs and values, and assist aspiring teachers of Christian conviction to complete an approved teacher education program to enable them to make a difference in the schools they serve.

The PMSA are now seeking applications for 2020 PMSA Teacher Education Scholarships which will close on Friday 18 October. For the application criteria and form, please visit our scholarships page.

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