New teacher loving every day

Past PMSA Teacher Education Scholarship winner, Clayfield College Old Collegian and now first class honours teaching graduate Meg Wilkinson has a full schedule in 2019 loving her first year as a teacher, embarking on a PhD and also getting married.

“I love my job!” says Meg about her first year teaching health and physical education and science to Years 7-10 at Mueller College, a Christian school on Brisbane’s northside.

“Everyday is totally different and I love the unique opportunity to not only teach students the content that I am passionate about, but also to share the gospel with them on a daily basis.”

Meg became a Christian through her school years at Clayfield College and said she definitely would not be where she is today if it wasn’t for the faith she discovered at school.

“I loved school, I loved to get involved in all of the activities. My favourite part about going to Clayfield was the opportunities I had that extended and grew my faith.”

Meg said she was also “super blessed” to have such incredible and passionate teachers at Clayfield College who inspired her to become a teacher.

“I had so many teachers who were so passionate about what they were teaching and I think about these teachers quite regularly as I teach my classes. I hope I can show the same enthusiasm and love for the content as they did, and maybe even inspire some students to go on to study teaching!” Meg said.

Reflecting on her education at Clayfield College and now teaching in a similar environment, Meg said there is such a unique and positive culture within the Christian environment she teaches in.

Meg finished Year 12 at Clayfield College in 2014, was awarded the PMSA Teacher Education Scholarship in 2015 and completed her Bachelor of Health, Sport and Physical Education with first-class honours at the University of Queensland in 2018. Although university life was fun, challenging and rewarding, she said she was so blessed to have received the PMSA Teacher Education Scholarship as it enabled her to enjoy the experience more.

“The scholarship took some pressure off in terms of part-time work. I was better able to balance work, study and socialising which really helped me to have such a healthy balance during university.”

Meg used the $2000 per year to purchasing textbooks and other university-related expenses. She was also able to buy a second-hand car.

In addition to her first year teaching role, Meg has also commenced a PhD part-time at the University of Queensland within the area of High Support Needs Physical Disabilities and Physical Education. With a passion for both Special Education and Physical Education, the PhD was an ideal way for Meg to combine her passions.

With this keen interest in Special Education, Meg was able to complete one of her practicums at a Special School which she still remembers so fondly.

“My favourite part of this prac was running a Ninja Warrior themed obstacle course for the students in my Year 7 class who were learning about ‘Push’ vs ‘Pull’ in Science. Recently I received a letter from one of those students … a year later! It’s so satisfying and special knowing that the students were still thinking about my lesson a year after.”

The PMSA Teacher Education Scholarships are awarded annually to a current and past students of PMSA schools wishing to study teaching.

The scholarships aim to foster a respect for the importance of teaching as a profession, foster Christian faith and values in schools and encourage future teachers who hold Christian beliefs and values, and assist aspiring teachers of Christian conviction to complete an approved teacher education program to enable them to make a difference in the schools they serve.

The PMSA are now seeking applications for 2020 PMSA Teacher Education Scholarships which will close on Friday 18 October. For the application criteria and form, please visit

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