Annual Report and Deputy Chair elected at 101st AGM

The PMSA’s Annual General Meeting was held at NorthShore Harbour last night with Church representatives, PMSA Board Members, School Council and Committee Members, Principals, Chaplains, Foundation Chairs, and Presidents and other representatives from the P&F and school alumni associations attending.

Tabling the Group’s 2018 Annual Report, Chairman Greg Adsett, CEO Sharon Callister, School Council Chairs and Committee Chairs spoke to their reports, reflected on the 2018 year and discussed the 2019 year already underway.

The audience also enjoyed hearing from PMSA Teacher Education Scholarship winner and BBC Old Collegian from 2015 Edward Dobinson who highlighted his wonderful experience at BBC, his time at university and his career now as a teacher.

As a part of the formal proceedings of the evening, Board positions were elected. Of note, Deputy Chairman Anne Bennett stood down her position after four years in the role.

Morgan Parker was welcomed to the role of Deputy Chairman.

In addition, long-serving PMSA Board Member Kevin Standish retired after being appointed by the Presbyterian Church in 2010.

The Chairman of each of the School Councils and Committees were also re-elected.

Greg Adsett thanked all volunteer Board Members, School Council Members and Committee Members for their ongoing commitment and service.

He particularly thanked Kevin Standish for his contribution over the past nine years and Anne Bennett for her tireless energy and dedication to the role of Deputy Chairman.

Please see our Annual Reports page to download the full 2018 PMSA Annual Report. Schools 2018 Annual Reports will be available on this page and on school websites by June 30.

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