Sharing the Plan for the Future

In addition to PMSA Open Day, our PMSA CEO Sharon Callister and several Board Members have been meeting with our school staff, P&Fs executives and members, Foundation members and alumni groups at our four schools over the last few months to share and discuss our Strategic Plan.

Last night, we presented to a group before the Somerville House P&F meeting and last week met with the Somerville House staff (pictured).

Working in with the schools’ busy schedules, we will continue these presentations across the schools in the coming weeks and early into Term 3.

At PMSA Open Day on 3 June, we were pleased with the response and enjoyed meeting many in our community – existing and prospective parents at our schools, past students and current Foundation and P&F executives.

To everyone, we would like to say we very much appreciated your time and interest in the Group generally and our Strategic Plan.

Some robust discussions were held about the Strategic Plan, planned initiatives and how these impact on our schools and reporting and outcomes. We obtained some valuable insights about our community perceptions and we also had several discussions which helped our community understand the Group’s organisational structure – how the PMSA Board and Corporate Office works with the School Councils and our schools.

With such a positive response, we plan to continue to open our office doors with an Open Day each year. But please remember that our door is always open.

If anyone would like to hear more about the Strategic Plan individually, or would like to arrange a specific group meeting to discuss the Strategic Plan, please contact us on or phone 3371 0709.

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