Statement from the PMSA and Ms Florence Kearney

The PMSA is aware of ongoing misconceptions regarding the resignation of Somerville House Principal, Ms Florence Kearney, in October 2017.

The PMSA holds high the value of care and relationships and respect of people’s privacy by not publicly disclosing information relating to previous staff members.

Following helpful discussions between the PMSA and Ms Kearney, it has been agreed to make this public statement in the interests of transparency, accountability and building trust to bring closure to this issue.

PMSA Chairman, Mr Greg Adsett, stated:

“Ms Kearney led Somerville House as Principal with distinction from 2011 to 2017. During that time, Ms Kearney’s many achievements advanced, and continue to enhance, the culture, performance and reputation of the School as providing the finest opportunities for girls’ and pre-prep education.

“Ms Kearney resigned her position in October 2017, to take effect at the end of the 2017 school year. We are sorry for the part we played in, and regret the circumstances leading to, Ms Kearney’s early departure. We would like to make clear that those events should not in any way be perceived to reflect poorly on Ms Kearney or negate her outstanding performance as Principal and lasting contributions to Somerville House.

“We are delighted to congratulate Ms Kearney on her recent appointment as Head and CEO of The Women’s College within the University of Queensland.

“We echo the delight of College Council President, Dr Sallyanne Atkinson AO, that such a distinguished and experienced educator of young women as Flo Kearney has accepted their invitation for her to lead the College.

“We wish Ms Kearney all the very best for the future.”

Greg Adsett, PMSA Chairman
Sharon Callister, PMSA Chief Executive Officer

Ms Florence Kearney stated:

“It was an honour and a privilege to serve as Principal of Somerville House for seven years. I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of the students, staff and School community during my time as Principal.

“I wish the PMSA every success as they implement the governance reforms and the new strategic vision for the organisation. I also wish the wonderful School communities, Principals, staff and students every success for the future.

“I am enjoying my new role as Head and CEO of The Women’s College at the University of Queensland, and look forward to future opportunities to visit and celebrate the ongoing success of Somerville House.

“With my very best wishes to all.”

Flo Kearney, 11th Principal Somerville House

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