Welcome to our new Commitee members

Jeff Harvie
Edison Siregar
Don Jameson
Chris Veraa

The PMSA Board would like to welcome our new Committee members.

Appointed at the April Board meeting, Jeff Harvie and Edison Siregar have been appointed to the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee while Don Jameson and Chris Veraa have been appointed to the new Policy Committee.

Jeff Harvie’s daughter attends Clayfield College and has been looking for ways to contribute to the PMSA schools.

As CFO of Australia’s largest early learning provider, Jeff has a depth of understanding of finance, risk and governance systems within an educational setting that will allow him to contribute far more than just accounting skills.

Edison Siregar has a personal interest in Christian education and looks forward to using his skills and experience in intelligence-based finance operations to benefit the Group.

Edison has a strong track record in managing Finance and Risk Management teams. He has led a number of strategic innovation programs ranging from business transformation, best practice process improvement, and digital technology implementation in leading global organisations.

Don Jameson is keen to be involved with PMSA to be part of the current governance reform process.

Don says he looks forward to contributing his skills and supporting the Board to create strong educational outcomes for PMSA students, support all stakeholders in the PMSA family, build the PMSA brand, and lead a discussion in Queensland and Australia on education and governance in the 21st century.

Chris Veraa is a huge proponent of Christian education and the solid foundation and sense of community it provides to young people. An experienced senior leader in the education sector, policy development and review is part of his core skill set.

Chris will bring a unique perspective to Committee discussions with a strong understanding of the education sector, a background in media relations and corporate communications as well as a parent of four children.

Dr Bridget Cullen, who was on the previous Education and Pastoral Care Committee, has now become a member on the Policy Committee as well as the Nominations and Human Resources Committee.

Thank you and welcome once again to all our new Committee members who have volunteered and will contribute their time and expertise to benefit our Group.

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