A warm welcome to the 2019 school year

Almost 5000 students were warmly welcomed to continue or commence their educational journey at one of our four great PMSA schools today.

We warmly welcome all students for 2019 – both continuing and new. We wish you well and a year of ‘excellence’ for the year ahead.

Hundreds of students commenced their journey in Prep while many others have joined our PMSA school family in Year 7 and other year levels.

You may have also noticed a new look for the new year, with some fabulous new photos of our students. In the next few months, we will also launch a new website with new information.

Please visit our Facebook site to enjoy a few of photos that captured some beautiful moments with our sensational student models.

From little ones in Prep to older students going into Year 12, these kids took time in their school holidays to showcase their characters of what is our four great PMSA schools. Thank you to all our models as well as parents and carers for making this great day possible.

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