Governance Reforms announced

The PMSA is pleased to announce plans for governance reform following the recent governance review.

PMSA Chairman Greg Adsett said the PMSA Board was pleased with the broad-ranging recommendations provided by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) which are an excellent basis for contemporary governance.

“In our 100th year, this review has come at a pivotal time in the PMSA’s history,” Greg said.

Greg again thanked everyone who provided the AICD such open and honest feedback.

“We are looking forward to implementing these reforms that will reset roles, responsibilities and reporting arrangements for the PMSA Board, the School Councils and Committees.”

“We look forward to continuing on this change journey towards a new future. We also look forward to working with our community as we reset the clock and create this future together.”

Please read the details of the reforms in the Governance Reforms document.

You may also like to view the video below with PMSA Chairman Greg Adsett and new PMSA CEO Sharon Callister introducing the reforms. 

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