PMSA Scholarship recipient graduates with distinction

The PMSA is proud of the achievements of BBC Old Collegian and one of the first PMSA Teacher Education Scholarship recipients Edward Dobinson who has graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Education with distinction.

With a grade point average of 6.0, Edward is thrilled to have been offered three graduate teaching positions, accepting one at Ironside State School at St Lucia.

In a letter to the PMSA Council, Edward thanked the PMSA for the significant assistance and support throughout his degree.

“I wish to extend my honest thanks to you for all the wonderful and good work you do. There is a community who supports the unwavering and often thankless tasks you selflessly undertake with Christ’s message of grace, hope and peace at heart,” said Edward in his letter.

“During my degree, I was also fortunate to undertake a four-week practicum at my old school BBC, under the guidance of Julienne Davidson whose outstanding professional practice is a credit not only to her, but also to the calibre of the educators who are employed by you,” said Edward.

Several PMSA Teacher Education Scholarships are offered each year to current and past students of PMSA schools entering an undergraduate teacher education degree course.

The scholarships aim to foster a respect for the importance of teaching as a profession, foster Christian faith and values in schools and encourage future teachers who hold Christian beliefs and values, and assist aspiring teachers of Christian conviction to complete an approved teacher education program to enable them to make a difference in the schools they serve.

Scholarships for 2019 will be open on 3 September 2018. Recipients receive $2000 per annum for up to four years of study.

Application forms will be advertised and made available through the PMSA website and Facebook, school newsletters and intranets, and via class and year level announcements.

Scholarship applications will close on Friday 19 October.

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