PMSA 2017 Annual Report tabled at AGM

The PMSA’s 100th Annual General Meeting was held last night at Somerville House and Chairman Greg Adsett and Deputy Chairman Anne Bennett were re-elected for a two year term.

All School Council Chairs and PMSA Committee Chairs were also re-appointed with Professor Jennifer Radbourne elected as Chairman of the SCGS Council.

The 2017 Annual Report was tabled and confirmed and the Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements are now available on the PMSA website.

In the PMSA’s 100 years of operation, the AGM reviewed the 2017 year for the PMSA and each of the PMSA schools and also focussed on the PMSA’s actions and plans for 2018 and the years ahead.

In his report to the AGM, PMSA Chairman Greg Adsett said the PMSA has faced tremendous challenges in 2017.

“But these are challenges that we are addressing head on and proactively seeking solutions to reshape and improve the organisation and our governance framework to take the PMSA forward,” he said.

“Increasing legal demands, greater public scrutiny, calls for greater transparency and accountability and increased parental involvement in school communities are challenges that the PMSA is working on to ensure it is not only on par with other organisations but is ahead of the governance game.”

We are looking forward to receiving the governance review report next month and implementing the many recommendations.

Please visit the PMSA website to download the 2017 PMSA Annual Report.…/pmsa-annual-reports

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