Welcome New Councillor

The PMSA is pleased to announce the appointment of new PMSA Councillor Wayne Knapp.

Wayne was appointed to the PMSA Council by the Presbyterian Church in March 2018. He has more than 20 years’ experience on not-for-profit boards for both the Presbyterian and Uniting Churches including Chairman of the board roles at the Wesley Hospital Townsville and PresCare.

He also served for five years on the St Andrews War Memorial Hospital board during a time of significant change.

He is currently the Chair of the Presbyterian Church Property Board and a member of the Finance and Administration Board.

Looking forward to the challenge of governance change, Wayne has extensive experience in governance, risk management and leadership on boards.

A former police officer retiring as an Inspector, Wayne is currently in a policy development and administration role for the Presbyterian Church ensuring denominational compliance to Work Health and Safety and Child Safety legislation.

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