AICD Issues Paper submissions open

To the PMSA School Community

I am pleased to let you know that as a part of the governance review process, the AICD Issues Paper is now available to review and submissions are now open. We very much encourage you to be a part of this opportunity to provide feedback which will lead to positive change for the PMSA and our four great schools.

Over our 100 year history, the PMSA has undergone previous governance reviews to ensure the organisation evolves with modern standards and community expectations. We very much look forward to undertaking this current governance review and receiving your feedback, which is the first that has so broadly engaged with community stakeholders.

I would like to reassure you that the PMSA Council looks forward to and is committed to governance change which will align the PMSA with many of the views currently held in the community.

To visually demonstrate the entire community engagement process during this governance review, we have also prepared a community engagement plan. This sets out the activities which will be undertaken and the approximate timing for these activities.

Both of these are available on the newly-created Governance Review page on the PMSA website. Here you can download the Statement of Work, the Community Engagement Plan, and the Issues Paper.

You can also register for the upcoming forums at each school on this page. These forums held in April are designed to provide the community with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the current governance structure and clarify what options are available.

If you would like to make a submission, please download the Issues Paper and email your submission to by midnight Monday 2 April. Submissions can be made anonymously, however, identifying yourself and your connection to a school will help the AICD in their analysis.

We look forward to engaging in this process and working towards meaningful change. We also look forward to implementing the recommendations for governance and cultural change and strengthening the relationship with parents and the community.

Kind regards

Greg Adsett 
PMSA Chairman

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