The Great Debate: Sister schools battle for Women’s Legal Service

The Senior A debating teams from Somerville House and Clayfield College entertained a large audience in the Valmai Pidgeon Performing Arts Complex on Monday night, 12 February.

The sisterly and friendly debate celebrated the start of the debating season and raised much-needed funds for the Women’s Legal Service.

Adjudicated and entertained by Justice Sue Brown of the Supreme Court of Queensland, the topic “That fake news isn’t all that bad” was enjoyably thrashed out between the teams. The audience voted for the team they believe won by putting their gold coin donation in the winner’s bucket.

Clayfield debaters Zoe G, Renata H, Tania L and Brittany W and Somerville debaters Annabel D, Emma M, Isabelle W and Imogen S impressed Principals Dr Ness Goodwin from Somerville House and Mrs Kathy Bishop from Clayfield College and the largest audience ever for a Great Debate.

Although Somerville took the honours by the smallest of margins, the true winners were the debaters, the audience and the Women’s Legal Service. Well done girls!

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