Happy Birthday Clayfield

Today marks 87 years since the PMSA opened the doors at Clayfield College.

Officially opened on 9 February 1931, with nine students, by the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA), Clayfield College was originally a junior adjunct to Somerville House for girls and boys in kindergarten and primary – girls to age 12 and boys to age 10.

But many don’t know that the school known as ‘Clayfield College’ actually first opened as a boys’ school in 1902.

Purchased by the PMSA in 1918, the PMSA renamed Clayfield College to Brisbane Boys’ College (BBC) in 1920 and moved it to larger grounds at Toowong in 1931.

Today, Clayfield celebrated the values and spirit that make it a true family with a Foundation Day assembly. Attended by current students Years 3-12, parents and many Old Collegians and past teachers, the College truly exemplified the Clayfield motto ‘let your light shine’.

Happy Birthday Clayfield College.

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