Governance Review and Corporate Office Update

To the PMSA school community

With the new school year now underway, I’d like to provide a brief update of the PMSA’s governance review process and corporate office staff.

Governance Review Process
The PMSA Council and corporate office have been actively working to reform the PMSA’s practices and procedures. The PMSA is actively listening to the school community and has participated in the Church-appointed Hon. Richard Chesterman facilitation process. 

The PMSA has also begun the process of a formal governance review with the Australian Institute of Company Directors. This process is designed to allow a wide range of stakeholders to contribute and shape the PMSA’s structure going forward. We will be inviting any interested school community members to be involved in the process very soon. 

Corporate Office Staff 
In the PMSA corporate office, we will be making some changes to improve efficiencies, increase support and improve resources for all our schools. We are currently working through this change. The PMSA corporate office has already introduced a new internal role to help facilitate improved relationships with PMSA staff, parents and other stakeholders and communicate the changes that will be occurring within the PMSA. We welcome Caroline Thurlow to the role of Communication Manager. Caroline is a past Clayfield College student and is currently a Clayfield College parent. 

100 Years of the PMSA 
As you may know, 2018 marks 100 years of the PMSA. While we will not be holding any large events, our four schools are actively working together to highlight the collective values that we share as PMSA schools. 

If you would like to know more, please contact our corporate office via email or phone (07) 3371 0709. We look forward to a positive and productive 2018. 

Kind regards

Greg Adsett
PMSA Chairman

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