Appointment of Somerville House Interim Principal

The Council of the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association is pleased to announce the appointment Dr Ness Goodwin as interim Principal of Somerville.

Dr Goodwin’s interim appointment follows the announcement of Mrs Flo Kearney’s resignation on 10 October 2017.

Dr Goodwin has considerable experience as the immediate past Somerville House Principal and continues to be a well-respected member of the Somerville House community through her continued involvement as a member of the Somerville House Foundation. Dr Goodwin has the necessary skills and ability to provide the School community with stable and strong leadership, ensuring students remain the priority and continue to excel in their education at Somerville House.   

Dr Goodwin holds a Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Educational Studies, Diploma of Education and Bachelor of Arts. 

“It is an honour to serve at Somerville House. I look forward to walking with the girls, and the young boys in Pre-Prep, for part of their journey at the school. I also look forward to working in partnership with parents, old girls, and all members of the school community”, said Dr Goodwin. 

Dr Goodwin’s strong commitment to education, to academic excellence, and to Christian leadership and pastoral care aligns closely with the mission of Somerville House.   

We are delighted to appoint an educator of such high calibre and demonstrated achievement to lead Somerville House until such time as a new Principal is recruited. We ask you to join us in warmly welcoming Dr Goodwin back into the Somerville House community.

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