Grammar Art students inspire inception of prestigious Oswald Tilney Award

Sunshine Coast Grammar School is honoured to have inspired the inception of a prestigious art award this year for Primary School students.


In October 2016, Oswald’s youngest sister, Nada Fisher, attended her first Sunshine Coast Grammar School Art Show. Upon being so impressed by the passion, talent and manners shown by students, she decided to create the ‘Oswald Tilney Award’, a perpetual prize to forever honour her brother.

The 2017 Grammar Art Show will showcase the Inaugural award recipient, along with many other creative masterpieces, and will recognise the growing talent in Primary School.


The 2017, Grammar Art Show Grand Opening will take place at 6.30pm on Thursday 26 October 2017 in the Grammar Hall, and run until 12pm on Saturday 28 October 2017.


For more information, please see attached press release.

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