Grammar wins Queensland Pool Life Saving competition

Sunshine Coast Grammar School has taken out the 2017 Queensland Pool Life Saving competition.
Students from Year 2 to Year 11 challenged themselves against a number of competitive teams from Brisbane and Toowoomba. The competition is split into Primary and Secondary categories of which Grammar won both.
Pool Life Saving has been offered at Grammar since 1999 and is recognised as a sport that builds confidence, teaches teamwork and has a high number or participants from around the world.
Skills that are tested include rescue, accident prevention and emergency care; all focusing on teaching skills that will save lives and last a lifetime. Grammar Students competed in a number of different events including; Individual Medley, Team Survival, Team Fin, Ten metre Line Throw, and Rescue Races. 
Life on the Sunshine Coast embraces a climate that invites a lot of water activity and safety is paramount to everybody. 
Sunshine Coast Grammar School Teacher, Manager and Coach, Mrs Jeannie Baxter-Reid, is no stranger to Pool Life Saving. With more than forty years’ experience, Mrs Baxter-Reid was recognised in 2016 by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, for her outstanding contribution to Pool Lifesaving, and is now incredibly proud of her team.
“Our Pool Life Saving team are great ambassadors for the school and the entire Sunshine Coast community. Each student worked tirelessly in the individual and team events which was evident by their excellent display of skills and determination in the competition,” said Mrs Baxter-Reid.
The Grammar community is excited that they will be able grow water based activities once construction of the Grammar Aquatic Centre is completed later this year.
“It is phenomenal to think what we will be able to offer students in Pool Life Saving once our Aquatic Centre once it is complete.”
Students are now training for the Queensland Representative Team trials in August and hope to be selected to compete in the 2018 Australian Pool Life Saving Championships in Adelaide in January.

Please click here for the official media release. 

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