Wizard of Oz musical

The Somerville House Wizard of Oz musical was a first-rate production, with packed audiences who were treated to three evenings of very special performances. 

With over 100 students onstage, in the orchestra and working behind the scenes, over 20 staff involved in the direction, creation and production of the show, as well as one real dog, the combined schools’ Musical for 2017, The Wizard of Oz, was an outstanding achievement in every sense. 

The Wizard of Oz takes us from Kansas to the Emerald City, where Dorothy meets her three friends and journeys through eight different settings, all requiring new artistic features, with the chorus featured across seven different contexts and roles, all with new costumes, songs and dance routines. 

The cast commenced rehearsals in early Term 4 last year, working on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons to perfect their choreography, learn the melodies and block the scenes to bring the well-loved narrative to life. 

In 2017, the orchestra formed and commenced working on the incredible score that accompanied our performers. Set painters, props creators, costume assistants and more worked busily away in the lead up, with the audio visual and backstage crew finessing the technical elements to bring the magic of the theatre to Harker Hall. 

The Wizard of Oz was the most creatively demanding musical Somerville House has undertaken yet, and the reaction from the School community is that we conquered that challenge with flying ‘rainbow’ colours. Sincerest thanks must go to all staff, students and parents who contributed to the show in some way, be it onstage or by loaning a prop, and to all those who came to see the show. 

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